Friday, January 26, 2018

Tomorrows The Day..

Photo from July, 2016
Well today is the day we go to the Harborcreek Kmart for the very last time This place opened in 1969 and will close on October 1st, 2017 (which is tomorrow as of this blog post.) Tomorrow is the last day and they close for good. I'm going today since I don't have time tomorrow, Sunday is a busy day for me so sorry about that. I won't be taking photos since they won't let you anymore but I'm going to describe to you on how it looked. As you enter, the sign on the door says 2 days left. Since they are closing tomorrow, they barely have anything left but fixtures. The whole store is empty but a few clothes left. They have some random items scattered on a rack but its mostly junk. They are selling the chair from the old Olan Mills Portrait Studio, its not in best condition from how old it is, I don't understand how they would sell it from how messed up it is. They are selling the jewelry stand as well. As employees are about to lose their job tomorrow, a lot of them are very depressed. They have carts scattered in the section by the jewelry stand. Depressing repeating music plays as you're walking around the store. The old Olan Mills Portrait Studio door was open and they had the old wallpaper from the 90s still in there! Its being used as a Security Office but not for long. The Baby Department was filled with fixtures, it wasn't really a Baby Department anymore. The Automotive area was completely empty but the PENSKE Auto Center door wasn't open this time. The Former KCafe area was completely emptied out, there was nothing in it at all. There are very few customers walking around, I thought there would be less, but I think most of them was only looking at fixtures. The old 'Layaway' sign was removed only the 'Thank you for shopping Big Kmart' and 'Fitting Room' Sign remains. The whole store is completely emptied out sadly and it fills like an Abandoned Kmart. Its a very sad sight to see it like this, it even depresses me. The Pharmacy Health Monitor is still here, they are not selling it probably because the Kmart logo is on it. I hope they send it to the Kmart on West 26th Street that I might visit!(Keep in mind West 26th Street Kmart is doing well as of right now.)  The whole area by the Former Pharmacy is all emptied out. The racks are completely empty as we leave out the building. This is the last exit ever of the Harborcreek Kmart. They barely have anything and by tomorrow I bet nothing will be here. I think they were 90 to 90% off at this time. This Kmart was my childhood place. I used to hang out in the KCafe all the time when I was younger, I used to love getting there Electronics and its sad to see how Kmart is becoming like this. I think all Kmarts are about to be gone by Late 2018 or Early 2019. This would be my last visit to the Harborcreek Kmart and its a very sad one. I hope West 26th Street Kmart don't close but I bet it will close. This is the 2nd Kmart in Erie and the last one will be 26th Street Kmart. I will miss the one on Harborcreek and the childhood memories I had there. RIP Harborcreek Kmart 1969-October 1st, 2017 You will be greatly missed.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

History of Justin Vickers

History of Justin Vickers

It all starts when I was real younger, Age 2 (In 2006). I've been interested in stores and how they change since I can remember, I always told my grandma what stores were and what changed constantly. Since I first grew up on the East Side. I loved going to Harborcreek. It was just my favorite thing to do, I always went to the Walmart Supercenter and Kmart down there. Mostly the Video USA and Giant Eagle. Video USA was my favorite video rental store. It was by the Giant Eagle (Which became Price Rite) and I went there all the time with my dad. I also loved going to the Iggle Video inside that Giant Eagle. The Kmart on Buffalo Road I always ate at there KCafe they used to have. Let me tell you, there food was amazing! And at the Walmart, I loved going to there Family Fun Center Arcade back then. When I moved up to Millcreek in 2008, I already knew the area since I been up there before. I always went to the Millcreek Mall and ate at the McDonald's and played at the Play Place they had. I miss there KB Toys and Borders Express place. That's another thing I miss is Borders Books. In December 2009, I got a toy camera for christmas, I loved it and took photos of everything! In Summer of 2010 I went to the Eastway Plaza in Harborcreek (Now Giant Eagle Plaza) and snapped some photos of them too. This would be the first time I ever took photos of retail. That same day I went to the Kmart and took photos of that too and the Big Lots on the left of it. I took photos of that KCafe too and Video USA and Giant Eagle. Don't forget Walmart.
I can't find those photos but they are on a disc somewhere. If I find them, I will post them. So pretty much I have been taking photos of stores since 2010 and I got back into doing them when I got a iPod Touch in 2012. That's when the brand new Giant Eagle opened on Buffalo Road, they had a band playing for there Grand Opening and I remember making a video of them on my iPod Touch in 2012. So I have been taking photos for a long time and now I am doing it a lot more. I hope I still do this for a very long time...

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Buffalo Road Kmart (July 2016)

Now we take a visit to one of my favorites Kmarts in Erie, PA and the 2nd one i went to a lot when i was younger, which I mostly spend my time in the K-Cafe on West 26th Street Kmart, This one however i was not in the Cafe a lot but more just shopping around.

Here it is! Now this Kmart opened in 1969 a long with Kmart Foods which is now a Big Lots,
which I will show you in a little bit.
Old Kmart Entrance Arrow.
Kmart Interror.
The Former K-Cafe which closed in either 2008 or 2009.
You can kinda see the Little Caesars Lablescar.
Now here is some pictures for the interror of the Former K-Cafe.

Leftover K-Cafe Floors.
Fitting Rooms with a crooked 'T'.
More interror of Kmart.
1st Former PENSKE Auto Service Entrance which closed in 1994 for scamming people.
They also left a STP sticker on the window.
2nd Former PENSKE Auto Service Entrance with more leftover stickers.
A close up of the leftover 'Air Fresheners Sold Here' sticker from PENSKE Auto Service.

Sneak peak of the Former PENSKE Auto Service inside.
Price Scanner Sign

Big Lots
Former: Kmart Foods

Is this store danger of closing?: Possibly since a lot of Kmarts have been closing so, maybe.

Rating: 8 out of 10. My only recommendation is do some fixing on the ceiling or paint it a little because there are a couple brown stuff from rain.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Klosing Kmart

Well, It's sadly the time to view the soon to be Former Grandview Blvd Kmart in Erie, PA.

Fun Facts: This was never Kmart when it was first opened, it was actually Grant City but i'm not to sure when Grant City closed and when Kmart actually took it here.

The Former PENSKE Auto Service Entrance which they closed in 1994 due to scamming people.
Music & Video
Layaway, which of cource, they don't do Layaway anymore.
Starting to get empty already a little bit.
Now we say our last goodbyes to this Kmart, sad how they will close around the end of March.
Well what they become in the future, I hope I can take pictures of its new buisness again...